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Professional Development Courses

Understanding Sustainable Investment Management & Carbon Markets




29 July 2024


9am - 5pm

Course Duration:
7 Hours


IBF FTS Funding
GST applicable

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Course Overview

The course is designed for all Financial Market professionals or those supporting financial markets who would want to gain knowledge in this area. The programme will enhance participants’ understanding on sustainable investment and carbon markets. Teaching would include markets examples and scenarios for a better grasp on the subject matter and better understanding on carbon as a new asset class. Participants will be exposed to practical consideration when integrating sustainability in investment management.

Who Should Attend
All seeking to enhance their understanding and knowledge of sustainable investment and carbon markets for both the Sell side and Buy side.

Objectives of this course are:

  •  Gain a good understanding of sustainable investments and ESG integration.
  • Acquire insight to trading opportunities in the global carbon markets.
  • Learn to apply practical considerations when integrating sustainability in investment management..

Trainers: Mr. Alvin Lim

For Trainers’ Profiles, please visit Professional Development – FMAS – Financial Market Association of Singapore.

For Policies, Guidelines and Disclaimer on course management and related polices pls visit FMAS website at Professional Development – Policy, Guideline & Disclaimer – FMAS – Financial Market Association of Singapore.

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*All participants must have a computer device with video camera functions for this course and for identification purpose


“Understanding and application of topics discussed."

“The course will provide a useful springboard into following developments in the real world concerning these topics.”

“More awareness about sustainability.”


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