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Professional Development Courses

Policy, Guideline & Disclaimer

Only Financial Institution-sponsored individuals; and Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents, physically based in Singapore; and successful completion of criteria requirement including attendance are eligible for Financial Training Scheme (FTS) funding support. FTS is only available to eligible entities based on the prevalent funding eligibility, quantum and caps.
Please note that in no way does IBF Grants accreditation represent an endorsement of the quality of the training provider and course. Participants are advised to assess the suitability of the course and its relevance to his/her business activities or job roles.

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FMAS Singapore will apply for reimbursement directly from IBF Singapore (where applicable). The course fee covers tuition and course materials, structured at FMAS Singapore’s discretion. FMAS Singapore will send an invoice to the institution’s contact person handling the form application to request for the applicants’ course fees. FMAS reserve the right to claim back the full fees from participants organisation if IBF rejects the participants claims.

Information for participants

Participants are encouraged to access the IBF MySkills Portfolio ( to track their training progress and skills acquisition against the Skills Framework for Financial Services. You can apply for IBF Certification after fulfilling the required number of Technical Skills and Competencies (TSCs) for the selected job role.

Financial Institution must declare that the information in provided to FMAS are true to the best of knowledge and belief and have not wilfully suppressed any material fact. Financial Institution must also understand that if after the approval of the application, it is found that a false declaration or wilfully supressed material facts, the subsidy awarded will be recovered.

If the applicant is unable to attend the course, his/her institution may nominate another staff to attend the course in his/her place, the latest by 5 working days before the class commencement date. The course fee will not be refunded for cancellation.
While every effort has been made to organize the course as indicated in this course application form, FMAS Singapore reserves the right to cancel the course as when necessary.

FMAS Singapore reserves the right to turn down applicants and is not obliged to offer an explanation for the non-admission of unsuccessful candidates.


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