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Professional Development Courses

Digital Token Course – Fundamentals of Digital Token Investment Part 2 (Modules 3 & 4)






12.30pm to 6.30pm


Bloomberg Singapore Office



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Course Overview

This is a physical classroom course.

The Digital Token course consists of two stack-up courses of four modules which cover all aspect of the Digital Token Markets albeit at different levels of granularity. Digital Tokens are one of the hottest talking points in Financial Markets, with many traditional finance companies and market practitioners keen on learning more about digital token asset markets & strategies. The objective of this course would be to enhance the participant’s knowledge in investing & trading digital token. This would also give participants knowledge of products available in digital token, trading strategies and understanding decentralized finance. This should allow them to have a stronger footing should they eventually find Sales or Trading roles within their current firms or at digital asset or at crypto native firms. This course will be suitable for participants with little or moderate skillsets in this emerging digital token industry.

The course is in two stack-up courses. Part 2 is the later stack-up course consisting of module 3 & 4. It would be advisable to do Part 1 before doing Part 2. The first two modules cover the building blocks which will be crucial for building a strong foundation. Whereas Part 2 covers trading strategies, products and other topics as indicated in the course outline. The topics taught will cover but not be limited to:

  • Trading: Products, Venues/Modes, Concepts, Analytics
  • Passive Income generation
  • Day in the life of different participants in the Sales & Trading environment
  • The Trade Lifecyle

Who Should Attend
Financial Markets practitioners of any seniority who are looking to develop a strong foundation of understanding and knowledge of digital tokens. The only requirement would be a base level understanding of the financial markets as many comparisons, analogies and concepts will be in reference to FX markets.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the technology and infrastructure that powers digital token markets

  • To understand the different aspects of the digital token markets trading and investing

  •  To understand the current & future roles of traders and sales within the digital token markets environment

Course Trainers: Mr John Lagman and Mr Chuan Jin Fong  

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